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Silhouette Products

Silhouette ALTA 3D Printer
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3 999 kr
Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO® 3 Heat Transfer Pack
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3 599 kr
(4 385 kr)
Silhouette PaketPortrait1
In stock
2 795 kr
(3 502 kr)
Silhouette PaketCurio1
In stock
2 899 kr
(3 606 kr)

Scrapbooking & Crafts is your shop for crafts and scrapbooking material online. In the beginning a "Scrapbook" was an album where you kept memories, where the pages was decorated with more than just pictures. One could save a lock of hair, news paper clippings, drawings, tickets and much more. Today scrapbooking as a popular hobby that includes a lot more than just albums. Make your own cards and tags, clever gift boxes, decorations and much more.


Here you will not only find a large selection of scrapbooking materials, but also material for making your own jewelry, heat transfers for clothes, wall decors and a lot more! A creative hobby is both relaxing and fun and for some as important as breathing! We want to inspire you to create and decorate with paper, textiles etc. Only your own imagination sets boundaries regarding what you can create.


We, that are working here at, are Mikael, Richard and Susanne, and we hope that you will find a lot of yummy crafty goodness and inspiration here with us!


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